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Free 11+ Help is Here

This site is designed to help anyone prepare a child for the 11+ test. I go through the subjects, page by page, as I would have done when I taught one-to-one lessons.

My mission for this site:

This page is an educational platform aimed at anyone who wishes to support a child through the 11+. What makes this site special is that I’m aiming my content at the person helping the child, and I hope to give you the confidence and information you need to do that.

What is the 11+?

The 11+ is a test used in many areas of the UK to determine whether or not a child is eligible for a place at a grammar school.

Why is it Free?

Grammar school entry was intended to be based on merit not money (private tuition is expensive - up to £80 per hour). This site is for everyone, regardless of your finances.

What can I learn here?

Everything I know about how to prepare a child for the 11+. I’ll go through books, page by page, showing how I use them, with all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up. Nothing held back. We’ll cover maths, English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and exam techniques.

A little about me:

My name is Paul Fricker, I have a degree and PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education). I taught 11+ pupils for over a decade, and while it was super rewarding, I’ve now decided to step back from face-to-face tutoring. I’m very aware that there are a lot of people out there who want help - so I am delighted to be sharing my insights with my subscribers, and welcome you to join.

Paid Subscription: if You Can Afford it

The content here is free, but if you enjoy it and find it useful, please consider subscribing at £5 per month. You payment helps to keep this site free for everyone, and tells me there’s a demand for more content.

Paid Subscription: if You Can’t Afford it

If you can’t afford £5 a month, please don’t feel any obligation to pay.

I Can’t Teach My Own Child

You are not alone. Some children don’t want to be taught by a parent. Maybe there is someone else you can call upon? A grandparent or other relative perhaps. They don’t need to know anything about the 11+, they can watch these videos and learn. Then they can sit with the child and help them through the book.

11+ Confidence with Paul Fricker is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

11+ Confidence with Paul Fricker
11+ Confidence with Paul Fricker
Paul Fricker